In September 1996 we purchased our home
in Paramus NJ.   A medium size ranch on a
large lot.
In April 1997, after the arrival of Sammie, we
fenced in the entire backyard.  After clearing
three large trees in the front yard and many
more in the back yard, we added a large deck
on the back of the house (below).
Leo's arrival in November 1997 and Max in
June 1998 kept us quite busy.
This is what our home looked like in 1998.  
The pool was installed in August and the
back yard remained a mess throughout the
winter (above).
By the beginning of Summer 1999, this is
how the finished back yard and pool area
With the back yard complete, we enjoyed
several years of fun by the pool before we
began our next project.
In July of 2002, it was time to add a garage and
a new master bedroom with a large walk in
closet and full bath and the construction began.
By October the addition was complete.  The
driveway and shrubbery was added in the
Spring of 2003 and the final result looked like
we built and entirely new house.

Our Home in Paramus, NJ