The 'Good ship Hercules of Sandwich' left Sandwich,
England in1634 with her master, John Witherley

Alphabetical Roll List
Hinckley Samuel of Tenterden
Hinckle, Sara, wife
Three (four per Hotten) children:
Hinckley Susan, daughter
Hinckley Sara, daughter
Hinckley Mary, daughter
Hinkle Elizabeth, kinswoman, niece of Samuel
Holmes William, Hatch servant
Jeakins Edward, Tilden servant
Jenings Robert, Hatch servant
Johnes, Margaret of Sandwich Wife of William
Johnes, painter
Ketchell/Ketchrell Joseph, Hatch servant
Ketchell/Ketchrell Simon, Hatch servant
Lapham Thomas, Tilden servant
Lewis John of Tenterden
Lewis Sarah, wife
Lewis, Sarah, daughter
Love Agnes, Besbeech servant
Mason Emme, widow of Eastwell
Neuley Thomas, Besbeech servant
Pacheing/Pacheury Joseph, Besbeech servant
Perien Marie, Tilden servant
Richards Anne, Witherell servant
Rootes Joseph of Great Chart
Sayers James of Northbourne, Tailor
Starre Comfort of Ashford, Chirurgeon
Starre Thomas, son
Starre Comfort, daughter
Starre Mary, daughter
Starrte listed three servants, only two named with
"Truth shall prevail Starre"
Sutton George, Tilden servant
Sutton Symon, Hatch servant
Tilden Nathaniel of Tenterden, Yeoman
Tilden Lydia, wife
Tilden Joseph, son
Tilden Thomas, son
Tilden Stephen, son
Tilden Marie, daughter
Tilden Sara, daughter
Tilden Judeth, daughter
Tilden Lidia, daughter
Tritton Rose, Cole servant of Ashford
Turkey John, Starre servant
Wells Lidia, Hatch servant
Wines, Faint not(Fannet) of Ashford Hemp-dresser
Witherell William of Maidstone, Schoolmaster
Witherell Mary, wife
Witherell Samuel, son
Witherell Daniel, son
Witherell Thomas, son
Austen Jonas of Tenterden
Austen Constance, wife
Austen Jonas, son
Aysten Lidia, daughter
Austen Mary, daughter
Austen child
Bennet James, Tilden servant
Besbeech Thomas of Sandwich
Besbeech Mary, daughter
Besbeech Alice, daughter
Besbeech Elizabeth, daughter
Best John of Canterbury, Tailor
Boney, Thomas of Sandwich, Shoemaker
Brigden, Thomas of Faversham, Husbandman
Brigden Mrs, wife and two children not named
Brooke Robert of Maidstone Mercer
Brooke Anne, wife
Brooke Thomas
Brooke Samuel
Brooke John
Brooke Elys (Elizabeth?)
Brooke Dorothie
Champion Thomas of Ashford
Cole Isaac of Sandwich, Carpenter
Cole, Joan, wife
Cole, Issac, son
Cole, Jane or Anne, child
Couchman Sara, Tilden servant
Dunkin Samuel, Starre servant
Egelden Jane, child with Thomas Besbeech
Egelden Sara, child with Thomas Besbeech
Egelden John, child with Thomas Besbeech
Ewell Edward of Sandwich, shoemaker
Ford Edward, Tilden servant
Gallant Abraham, child with Brooke family
Gallant James, child with Brooke family
Harris Parnell of Bow, in London
Hatch William of Sandwich, Merchant
Hatch, Jane, wife
Hatch Walter, son
Hatch John, son
Hatch wIlliam, son
Hatch Anne,  daughter
Hatch Jane, daughter
Heyward Thomas of Aylesford, Tailor
Heyward Susanna, wife
Heyward Thomas, son
Heyward John, son
Heyward Elizabeth, daughter
Heyward Susan, daughter
Heyward Martha, daughter

Hercules Alphabetical Roll