The Good Ship Hercules
In 1634, people embarked at
Sandwich for New England on the
'Good ship Hercules of Sandwich'.
The following is a passenger list,
taken from 'History of Sandwich, by
W. BOYS, 1792, pp. 750-1'.
This link will take you to the
Hercules Alphabetical Roll,
which includes the names
of the children and
servants listed below,

List and Register

Of all such persons as embarked themselves in the good ship called the HERCULES, of Sandwich, of the burthen of
200 tons, John Witherley, master, and therein transported from Sandwich to the plantation called New England in
America; with the certificates from the ministers where they last dwelt of their conversation, and conformity to the
orders and discipline of the church, and that they had taken the oath of allegiance and supremacy. (The certificates,
all dated February and March, 1634, are here omitted.)

Masters of Families. Children. Servants.

NATHANIAL TILDEN of Tenterden, yeoman, and Seven children, Seven servants, LYDIA his wife

JONAS AUSTEN of Tenterden and CONSTANCE his wife Four children.

ROBERT BROOK of Maidstone, mercer, and ANNE his wife. Seven children.

THOMAS HEYWARD of Aylesford, taylor, and SUSANNAH his wife Five children.

WILLIAM WITHERELL of Maidstone, schoolmaster, and MARY his wife Three children One servant

FANNET ...... of Ashford, hemp-dresser

THOMAS BONEY and HEN. EWELL of Sandwich, shoemakers

WILLIAM HATCH of Sandwich, merchant, and JANE his wife Five children Six servants

SAMUEL HINKLEY of Tenterden and SARAH his wife Four children.

ISAAC COLE of Sandwich, carpenter, and JOAN his wife Two children.


THOMAS BESBEECH of Sandwich Six children Three servants

JNO. LEWIS of Tenterden and SARAH his wife One child


JAMES SAYERS of Northbourn, taylor

COMFORT STARRE of Ashford, chirurgion, Three children Three servants

JOS. ROOTES of Great Chart

EM. MASON of Eastwell, widow

MARGARET. wife of WILLIAM JOHNNES late of Sandwich, now of New England, painter }

JNO. BEST of the said parish, taylor.

THOMAS BRIDGEN of Faversham, husbandman, and ...... his wife. }
Hercules of Sandwich
George Sutton, of
Tenterden, Kent County,
England, boarded the
Hercules as a servant of
Nathanial Tilden, the former
Mayor of Tenterden.  

The Sevevteenth-Century
Town Records of Scituate
Massachusetts - Volume
One Jeremy Dupertuis
Bangs 1946 states:  

"In what might have been
an early example of
trans-Atlantic shipboard
romance, Nathanial Tilden's
daughters, Mary and Sarah,
had a double wedding on
13 March 1636/7; Mary
married Thomas Lapham
and Sarah married George
Sutton, both of whom had
come from England on the
Hercules as Nathaniel
Tilden's servants (see
Tepper, Passengers to
America, 120, and
Lothrop's notes)."